Drum Lessons

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Drum Lessons
Here at A.M.S. Music we pride ourselves in offering the best facilities in the area. Our teachers are friendly and down to earth and will help you to feel comfortable with your new venture. Most importantly we listen to what you want to achieve, your goals, anything from bashing on pans in time to the radio or rock star or session drummer! We will then help you with exactly what you need to get there. Drum lessons are one to one and held in a professional but friendly studio environment. We cover all styles from Rock, Pop, R&B, Jazz to Heavy Metal. We can help you with everything you need to improve your playing ability and get to the next level.

What we cover
Buying the right Drum Kit, Tuning, Warm ups and wrist exercises, Subdivisions, Reading Music, Hand and Foot Syncopation, Double Bass Drums, Ghost Strokes, Odd Time Signatures, even Recording!

Our Drum Lessons will take you from how to hold your sticks to playing on that stage with the band of your dreams!

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